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In order to solve the mechanical equipment in the high temperature, low speed, heavy load, dust, water shower and shock vibration lubrication, the choice of oil-free self-lubricating FAG bearings. [Details]
Successfully developed the world's first permanent magnetic levitation of rotating machine

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      When patients were rescued by surgery or artificial heart pump,Replacing the pump bearing wear due to heart pump,Patients will cause life-threatening.One kind of permanent magnetic bearings can replace mechanical bearings solve this problem, the country has recently successfully developed the world's first permanent magnetic levitation rotating machinery.

      Experts said, "This is a new mechanical revolution", in the sense that the theoretical breakthrough - the scientific community for centuries considered a "permanent magnetic levitation is impossible stability" principle becomes "to stabilize" reality.

      Designed by the Jiangsu University, Suzhou Shenhua cryogenic equipment Electrical and Mechanical Plant Ltd and Jiangsu University jointly developed, such as permanent magnet bearing turbine, has successfully conducted full load test, speed initially reach 20,000 rev / min.

      Maglev is a permanent magnet or a combination of a permanent magnet, a permanent magnet by the inter-action force and maintain balance without mechanical (ball) contact. Famous British scholar Earnshaw 1839 proved that the "static magnetic combination of a permanent magnet or, in the absence of other external force, only the role of the permanent magnetic force between each other, it is impossible to maintain stability in the stationary state" theory. However, Professor Qian Kunxi Jiangsu University believes: "Earnshaw just made permanent under static magnetic levitation 'unstable' conclusions, not on permanent magnetic levitation under stable or dynamic over the next conclusion."

     Qian Kunxi bitter drill team for 10 years, the introduction of artificial heart pump gyroscopic effect permanent maglev rotary body, to reach a stable equilibrium. Experiments confirmed that permanent magnetic levitation rotating body reaches a certain speed, can produce a stable suspension gyroscopic effect. Under dynamic conditions, the greater the permanent magnetic levitation mechanical rotation stability, the higher the speed, the more stable, permanent magnetic levitation laid the foundation for the improvement of mechanical and industrial. His achievements have been three national patents.

      According to Qian Kunxi, currently developed technology to produce electricity levitation bearings, lack of technical complexity, unreliable; while the permanent magnet bearing long life, low cost, "If the material is not aging, magnetic bearings can be used for decades."

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