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In order to solve the mechanical equipment in the high temperature, low speed, heavy load, dust, water shower and shock vibration lubrication, the choice of oil-free self-lubricating FAG bearings. [Details]
INA flanged bearing temperatures cause attention problems checking

Author:Liaocheng Zhongrui Bearing Fittings Co., Source: Time:2013-10-18 11:54:50 frequency:

      The main bearing temperature rise causes are:

      First: the oil quality is worse? If the oil viscosity will lead INA Bearing temperature; 
      Second: If the bearing assembly body tight, lack of space will lead flange bearing temperature rise; 
      Third: tight bearing assembly will lead to bearing temperature rise;
      Fourth: bearing ring on the shaft or bearing housing rotation also causes the temperature rises; 
      Fifth: bearing load is too large will cause the bearing temperature rise; 
      Sixth: If the rolling element bearing cage or broken, it will result in bearing temperature.

      INA bearings pressed into the bearing block should be flexible rotation no sense. If significant rotation is not flexible, it indicates the size of the shaft is too great, the tolerance to be reduced. If the bearings pressed into the shaft turned by hand obvious "imperfections" sense, it may be too much tolerance of the shaft or shaft roundness bad. So when good control shaft and the bearing chamber also control the roundness tolerance, many domestic manufacturers only tolerance control, no roundness control.

      Because flange bearings are precision products, such as improper assembly is likely to cause damage to the bearing channel, leading to bearing damage. INA bearings in the assembly should have a dedicated mold and can not beat, pressed into the shaft when the force only a small circle, the circle of force only when the pressure of the big circle. When using pneumatic or hydraulic assembly requirements, in the press-fit upper and lower mold levels to remain outside the state, if inclined bearing channel will cause damage due to power, leaving the bearing guide ring.

      Bearing in balancing the rotor mounted to do when it is easy to iron produced when balancing into INA bearings inside, so it is best done before the bearings installed balancing. There are some manufacturers in order to facilitate assembly, the assembly in the bearing chamber coated with some oil or grease lubrication effect, but often it is difficult for the operator to control the amount of good, if oil or grease in the bearing chamber accumulates more in the bearing rotation is easily along the shaft into the flange bearings inside. Bearing chamber preferably not coated with oil or grease, such as non-coated bearings shall not be have to control indoor accumulates.

       Paint rust is characterized by multiple in sealed-type motor, the motor in the assembly sound good, but in the warehouse for some time, the motor becomes very abnormal sound, remove the INA bearings have serious rusting. Many manufacturers will be considered to be flanged bearing problem, through our continuous propaganda, motor plant now has realized mainly insulating paint problems. The problem is mainly because the insulating paint out of volatile acid at a temperature, humidity corrosive substance is formed, resulting in damage to the bearing channel bearing corrosion. The problem can only be a good choice of insulating paint, and after a period of time after the ventilation drying assembly.

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